The Best of the Best with Andy and Mike Zaremba from Float House

The renegades of float; Brothers Andy and Mike Zaremba pioneered the modern sensory deprivation tank movement when they launched Float House in Gastown in 2013. The float scene has since exploded and they have continued to be on the forefront growing to locations in Kitsilano, Langley, Surrey, Victoria and Edmonton. Beyond floating, these brothers are community creators and constant seekers of conscious evolution... to the point that they created one of Vancouver's top podcasts aptly named Vancouver Real where they constantly expanding perspectives with a variety of thought leaders and industry makers from Gabor Maté to Wim Hoff to Meghan Currie. We sat down with Mike and Andy to chat their Best of the Best:

(Andy left, Mike right) 

Daily Breakfast:

Mike: I always wake up and I squeeze some lemon and have some lemon water and then I’ll meditate for 20-30 minutes. I sit and breathe…more of a Vipassana style but I switch it up by the day. Lots of breathe awareness.

On the go Snack:

Andy: My go to is a bar that is just on the verge of being released, called The Grind Bar. It’s a CBD energy bar…amazing for focus, for calming and for energy. It also greatly reduces pain and inflammation. 

How do you Supplement your diet:

Andy: Multivitamin and I switch up my variety. I take them as I feel that there’s so much that I could be missing if I don’t take them. We don’t necessarily know the nutrient density of the food we’re eating anymore. It helps me cover the spectrum of what my body needs. I take BCAA’s after a workout to help cover the protein spectrum and I also use Onnit Alpha Brain for cognitive function.

Mike: Brain Evolve. Basically, it’s an all-natural nootropic designed towards concussions and brain injuries. It’s the first concussion treatment supplement you can take. It helps with inflammation and you take it at night for a recovery agent.

Can’t live without:

Mike: My meditation. When I meditate. I’m one step ahead of the day, when I don’t, I’m one step behind. There’s a lot of spontaneity in my day and meditation keeps me more equipped for whatever the day brings.

Andy: Feeding my brain knowledge. Taking in as much as I can. I always have a podcast or audiobook on in the background. I’m always consuming information. Social sciences and personal development stuff. The brain is like a dot connecting machine. The more dots that you gather info for, the more connections you make. Dr. Jordan Petersen is a guy I’m really into right now. He’s a different flavour of phycology. Then I’ll contrast that with a little Ram Dass.

Top Podcasts/ Essential Listening:

Mike: Psychedelic Salon (#497 Bernardo Kastrop, #477 Matthew Souther)
Andy: Joe Rogan (#946 Denis Mackenna and Dr. Jordan Petersen), London Real, Sam Harris ( #71 what is technology doing to us, Tristan Harris), You are not So Smart (#91 Learned Helplessness), ReWild Yourself.

What does balance look like:

Mike: Balance is Being in this world and culture and fulfilling those needs while also exploring the beyond, into the potential of who, what and where we are. Having one foot in order while the other is in chaos...think of the Yin-Yang, of order and chaos.

The next big wellness trend is:

Mike: Not sure how BIG it will be, but what I feel is absolutely critical is bringing in and recognizing ritual and ceremonies that are authentic and not commercialized. I believe humans are hardwired to participate in various rituals with clear intention. There seems to me to be a wholistic nature to wellness one gets from bringing in conscious rituals into their life.

Andy: Cannabis and psychedelic medicines. This is more medical then a health trend but could potentially be a big breakthrough with mental health and psychiatry.

Your Hero(s):

Mike: Don Howard Lawler, Shaman & Founder of the Spirit Quest Sanctuary in Iquitos, Peru. 

Andy: My daughter.  She’s been through a lot since the moment she was born. Whenever I feel like I’m having a bad day, I just think back to what she went through and I realize I have nothing to complain about.  

Best Advice you’ve ever received:

Andy: Take on as much responsibility as you can. Life is short. We are here for a finite time, so you might as well challenge yourself. Do something extremely difficult and you will be rewarded in spades. It’s the Heroes Journey; move towards the things that scare you. Slay your inner dragons and you’ll be rewarded by the treasures that those dragons guard.  

Best song to float too:

Mike: anything by Snatam Kaur.

Debunking any Floating myths:

Mike: claustrophobia is a common apprehension but it is very easily conquerable. Lots of people won’t try it because they think they can't when actually they’re in complete control and you can get out whenever you want. It’s a very valuable skill to learn how to empower yourself. It’s a mental projection that many people seem to put onto it before trying floating.

Andy: Once you can get over a fear, it empowers you to tackle your fears vs. hiding them. That’s the empowerment. Instead of sheltering your fears, tackling them head on… within reason. Also, in regards to floating…its not a bucket list thing…you won't experience the benefits if you go once, but if you make it part of your regular routine and you stick with it, it becomes very powerful as you notice yourself gaining control over your own mind. You can gain control over your own thinking. The point is, it’s not a one-off experience. It’s a practice to see the benefits.

Top Guilty Pleasure:

Mike: Fried foods. Streaming Survivor.

Andy: Craft beer

Books that left a mark on you:

Mike: Anatomy of the Spirit and A New Earth.

Andy: Meeting the Shadow.

Top Documentary:

Andy: Zeitgiest. It makes you question. It’s paradigm shifting

Mike: Culture High. Government focused on how they claim to have our best interests but don’t. Also worth watching, a CBC doc called Jungle Prescription.

If you had a super power for 1 day:

Mike: I would give everyone on Earth an overwhelming, undeniable mystical experience to show them all viscerally without a shadow of a doubt that we are all One.

Top Travel Spots:

Mike: Peru. India. Sri Lanka.

Best spot for Dinner:

Mike: Alibi Room, in Railtown.

Andy: Samurai Sushi (Howe and Davie)

Go to Juice or Smoothie:

Mike: the Greener the better for me! My home-made regular smoothie is: spinach, cucumber, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, coconut oil, hemp hearts, celery, pear, raspberry, blueberries, lemon juice, and water!

Andy: Juice Truck of course!

What’s the future of your podcast?

Andy: To become a hub of information to inspire people to lead the best life possible.  

What’s the future of floating?

Mike: I see floating as an intimate part of a holistic health and wellness lifestyle. It dramatically, and naturally, affects our central nervous system in a very calming & cleansing way. In a day and age with evermore stimuli, especially within an urban environment, I see floating as a way to disconnect from everything externally to reconnect internally. I see floating as a way to introduce Western culture to the inner realms in a very powerful way, much more readily and tangible than yoga and meditation. Floating introduces Stillness and Being unlike anything else without consuming anything. The environment is the medicine.

Your Current Mantra:

Mike: “I can keep my light, and have abundance too.” Meaning I can stay connected with Spirit whilst having a great life, materially speaking. I am saying this mantra as of now to try and reprogram an old belief pattern that I may carry.

Andy: Move towards whatever you resist.


Plant Based Meals to your Door: Our Go-to Vegan Meals on DoorDash

Over the last few years in Vancouver, it's become a whole lot easier to get meals from your favourite restaurants, thanks to all the food delivery services popping up; from corporate and office deliveries with Foodee to home delivery with DoorDash. Whether you’re too busy to leave your desk at work, running around with kids at home or just want a meal delivered so you can watch Netflix and chill, these services have got you covered. It’s dangerously convenient.

We offer our cold pressed juice and plant based lunch options from The Juice Truck on DoorDash and Foodee but we’re also frequent users on an individual basis. Too make it easy for you, we’ve highlighted our favourite healthy options available on DoorDash.

The Top 10 Plant Based Options on DoorDash:

The Juice Truck:

Guilty of being biased, but we want to highlight that all of our cold pressed juice options as well as our plant based lunches and snacks are all available for home or office delivery. Keep things healthy and get your green juice and kale caesar delivered right to your home or work.

Virtuous Pie:

This pizza is next level. There’s no reason for meat or dairy on your pizza once you’ve tried the addictively good offerings that these guys dish out. The Stranger Wings with spicy buffalo cauliflower, crisp fried shallots, scallions and a vegan blue cheese drizzle is our favourite.

Field and Social:

You can definitely win friends with salads when they’re from Field and Social. They make some of the best gourmet salads you’ll find in Vancouver. Carefully crafted, using fresh, local ingredients with local produce and a regular rotation of menu items with seasonal inspiration. They even use Blue Heron’s Vegan Cheese on their Market Bowl.

Indigo Age Cafe and Kombucha Bar:

Some of the cleanest cuisine in the city. Fresh, health forward ingredients. Indigo Age Cafe has everything from juice and smoothies to vegan Ukrainian dishes like borscht, cabbage rolls and perogies… and the perogies are amazing! They also have nutrition packed lattes and lots of raw food options.


If you’re looking for some healthy comforts, Freshii has got you covered. Salads, wraps, bowls and burritos. Smoothies, juices and soups. Freshii has a very well rounded menu for whatever your mood might be.

East is East:

We can never get enough of East is East! We love the ambiance of their restaurants, but if you can’t make it to one of their locations, getting delivery won’t leave you disappointed. Their Eggplant Bowl might be our favourite dish available on Door Dash.

Shanti’s Curries:

We love everything about Shanti’s Curries. The team is amazing and so is the homestyle Indian food. Their vegan samosas and pakoras are drool worthy and the dhal curry and korma are both so rich in flavour….just delicious all around. You can’t go wrong with any of the vegan options on their menu.

Pacific Poke / West Coast Poke:

Poke is blowing up in Vancouver and these two restaurants are leading the way. Pacific Poke has some amazing vegan options. Their wasabi spicing has the perfect kick and the seaweed salad is the perfect addition to any of their vegan options. Make sure you get their Coco Panda to drink. It’s one of the best coconut drinks we’ve had (and we’ve had a lot of coconut drinks). For West Coast Poke, we love the build your own bowl option. Their ingredients are fresh and full of flavour and the value for all that you can add is incredible.

Calabash Bistro:  

Caribbean cuisine at its finest! They have a Vegan Meal for 4 if you’re dining family style. Their curries and plantains are layered with rich, delicious flavours that all balance together perfectly. Don’t be shy on your coconut dumplings either… there’s a good chance you’ll want more than one.


Who doesn’t like a good hummus? And their hummus is more than good. Their hummus flavours are rotating. We usually go with the Hummus Trio just to be safe. The falafel has that perfect crunch to softness ratio and if you’re looking for something on the lighter side, the Cabbage Salad is one of our favourite salads out there.

If Beyonce Was A Smoothie Bowl - 17 'Irreplaceable' Superfoods to Eat During Pregnancy

I like to delight in the daydream (plant-based weirdo dreams), that if pregnant Beyonce was a smoothie bowl it would be a luscious papaya smoothie bowl with moringa cashew yogurt, activated chia seeds, earthy spices, tropical fruit and coconut syrup.

I think she would approve.

Ps. this juicey recipe is below!!!

So what’s the deal with super-foods anyway and do you need them during pregnancy? Are they really an integral thing or just some way to market expensive, fancy foods to the rich and famous?

Superfoods ARE totes for everyone, I promise. Not just supa stars. And definitely not a trend, but instead a proven proactive way to support pregnancy health like the Maven you are. Eating superfoods during pregnancy will support your body in staying clear from pregnancy related anemia, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

I hear this particular argument a lot: they are expensive and hard to find and how will you integrate them into your life on a regular bases? Also, which ones are the best for you? How much of what is safe to take while preggers and how do you chose them? Right?!

That argument ends here. You’re going to fall crazy in love with how easy and fun it can be to integrate superfoods into your baby body and most of them you probably already use or have in your kitchen..

As promised I want this to be affordable, doable and specific to you. Below I will share the easy principles of integration for the top 17 irreplaceable superfoods to eat while growing mini bae...

Choose one super-weird/ superfood from this list:

  • Spirulina -  single cell algae
  • Moringa - plant also known as kelor
  • Chlorella - multi cell algae

All of these super greens are leaders in the superfood category and boast iron, antioxidants, protein, vitamin B1, B6, copper, GLA and Omega 3’s. My current favourite is moringa (maybe because I am living in Bali and can pick it from my garden FRESH, oh bliss!).

The key thing to remember is you do not need them all, just chose one.

Choose three of these super-fat/ superfoods from this list:

  • Cashews - fatty fat fat
  • Skinless almonds - protein and fat
  • Coconut meat - fatty ultra fat
  • Sesame seeds - calcium and fat
  • Pumpkin seeds - iron and fat
  • Hemp hearts - protein and fat
  • Sunflower seeds - fat and B6
  • Avocado - the bestie fat

The above list includes some of my favourites. All of these contain good fats and fats in combination with proteins increase the uptake and bioavailability of vitamins and nutrients from the aforementioned green baby we have chosen from the first list.


Store your nuts and seeds in airtight glass containers on your countertop so you can easily see them and add them to your morning smoothie/bowl, scramble or avo toast.  

Obvi, the avocado does not need to be in a jar.

Check out this avo chart to know when your avo is ripe.

Choose three of these super-sustaining/ super foods from this list

  • Cinnamon - blood glucose stabilizer
  • Turmeric - anti-inflammatory properties
  • Pink salt - micronutrients
  • Chia seeds - fibre, phosphorus and omegas
  • Cacao powder - magnesium
  • Whole Oats - selenium, zinc

I find it really hard to choose just two from the above list, so go ahead have them all, but if you are on a budget then choose two of the spices (the first three) and then one from the remainder of the list for optimal results.

Choose one meal daily that you imbibe completely with your chosen superfoods.

One meal usually translates to a morning smoothie, smoothie bowl, loaded toast or scramble of some kind with your super-food Love On Top!!! (that’s the last Beyonce song reference, I swear).

So, what kind of smoothie bowl are you? Maybe straight up classy blueberry/banana with seeds and cinnamon, or what about spicy pear, ginger, turmeric with activated chia and cacao hemp hearts? The options are limitless.  

The Beyonce - A Pregnant Goddess Smoothie Bowl


½ cup frozen papaya  (I usually buy a whole papaya, peel, seed and chop it into pieces then freeze it in a zip lock)

½ cup frozen butternut, kabocha or spaghetti squash (bake the squash the day before whole, peel, seed and then store the flesh in a ziplock in the freezer - or by pre cut frozen squash for simplicity) or use 1 frozen banana, but I like the squash option for less sugar myself

¼ cup water or almond milk

Pink salt to taste (a little sprinkle of makes magic)

¼ cup chia seeds, covered in 1 cup water to activate for 5 minutes

½ cup cashews soaked for 15 minutes

Juice and zest of 1 lemon

1/2 tbsp moringa powder

Pink salt to taste (a little sprinkle of makes magic)

Raw pumpkin seeds

Unsweetened coconut shreds

1 tbsp coconut sugar

½ tbsp hot water


1 tbsp coconut syrup

¼ tsp each cinnamon and turmeric dusted over the top, or add the turmeric to your chia for fun

(golden chia)

Fruit of your choice for the top to make it super sexy like Beyonce, or better yet like you.


Place chia seeds in jar with water and shake it like crazy, then rest it for a minute, then shake it again-5 minutes-ish total

Soak your cashews in a bowl covered in water for 15 minutes

In a small jar combine 1 tbsp coconut sugar and a little hot water to dissolve it into a thin syrup.  This stores in the fridge for a month or longer so double this recipe or even triple it if you would like. Or buy this amazing coconut syrup

In a blender blend the papaya, squash or banana, a pinch of salt and 1/4 cup water or almond milk.

Pour smoothie mixture in a bowl and set in fridge for a few minutes while you make the yogurt.

(I like my smoothie bowls cold, hence the frozen fruit and a little fridge hang time)

Drain the cashews and blend them in Vitamix or blender equivalent. Add moringa, lemon juice and zest, pinch pink salt until smooth and creamy. Put a good sized dollop on top of your bowl.  This yogurt stores in your fridge for up to a week and gets more active live culture as it sits.

Top the smoothie bowl with the yogurt, chia seeds, coconut shreds and syrup, pumpkin seeds, spices and fresh fruit for garnish (passion fruit, berries, pineapple and dragon fruit are my fav)

Now take five minutes for yourself and lavish in the gift of superfood sustenance, then get out there and Run The World!

(Aaak!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist another hit)

Love, G

This article was written by the lovely Georgia Morley. Georgia is the Founder of Built For This Baby (B4TB). Georgia is also a Certified Doula, Holistic Nutritionist/classically trained Chef and Registered Yoga Instructor. Follow her adventures at Built For This Baby.