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The Best of The Best with Shira McDermott of Grain


Follow Shira McDermott on Instagram (@shiramcd) and you’ll quickly find that you’re craving a salad. We’re not talking your average everyday salad here. Shira makes the kind of food that resonates on a soul level; hearty bowls with farmer's market greens, Canadian grains, and mouth-watering dressings. Wholesome, comfort food in the healthiest sense. Beyond putting together a beautiful Instagram feed of nutrient dense eye-candy, Shira is the Co Founder of Grain; a farm-direct company sourcing incredible Canadian dry goods. Golden Quinoa, Farro, Kabuli Chickpeas, French Lentils and Wheatberries...Grain offers some seriously delicious, Canadian sourced product. To stay up to date with Shira’s recipes and philosophies check out her food inspired website ‘in pursuit of more.’ Creator, chef, mother, runner…overall awesome woman. This is the “Best Of” with Shira McDermott.  

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A Vegan Guide to Eating Ice Cream in Vancouver

Scoop for scoop, Vancouver is a haven for ice cream seekers. We’re a city that celebrates the active lifestyle; from bike lanes and hiking to boutique fitness studios and run clubs. 

With all of this movement and exercise sometimes a slower pace is needed to balance things out…because that’s what we’re all in search of after all. Balance. 

This is where Vancouver’s love for Ice Cream comes into play. Through endless Summer lines that reach city block lengths to Winter cravings for ageless comforts, the ice cream joints are busy year long. With this, there has been a steady growth in the Ice Cream sector since Earnest Ice Cream paved the way for the local Ice Cream scene in 2012. 
If the truth be told, not many of us can properly metabolize dairy. Dairy isn’t for everyone; whether it be for ethics, or health, or diet, or all of the above, or maybe none of the above. The plant based or 0% dairy options are growing. Here are our Top Spots for Vegan Ice Cream in Vancouver
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Plant Power: Moringa!

THE TREE OF LIFE: One of our favourite superfoods and forever revered in Ayurvedic medicine, the moringa oleifera tree is nature’s one stop multivitamin. Almost all of the tree can be used for its nutrient dense medicinal and culinary purposes, with edible flowers, leaves and seed pods.  

WHY WE LOVE IT: It’s one of the most nutrient packed foods on the planet! With 2 time more vitamin A than carrots, more vitamin C than an orange, and 4 times more potassium than bananas, the benefits of moringa oleifera are expansive. Moringa also boasts 4 times more fiber than oats and 9 times more iron that spinach. What does this all add up to? Moringa supports healthy digestion, mental clarity, boosts energy and lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It’s definitely worthy of the term ‘superfood!’ Moringa oleifera’s running list of benefits are accounted to the fact that it contains, 18 different amino acids, 15 different minerals, all vitamins A through K, 46 antioxidants and all three omegas. Moringa has got what you need! 

HOW WE MIX IT: This slightly carob-green tea tasting miracle superfood can be mixed into everything from smoothies to juice to energy bars to tea! We like it best mixed with cacao, almond butter, bananas and nut mylk. We’re betting this ’tree of life' is going to be the next hot trend in the heath-conscious world!

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