Put very simply, it's like hitting your body's reset button.

But it's not quite that simple. The Juice Cleanse is a great way to give your body a break from unhealthy food choices (let's be honest, we all make them), dehydration and general excess.

And even if you're a pillar of exercise, purity and clean living, we're all exposed to unavoidable environmental pollutants on a daily basis. It's estimated that, on average, we can all have at least 5 - 10lbs of accumulated toxic waste from sources like prescription drugs, cleaning products, auto pollution, dry cleaning chemicals as well as preservative and additives in the foods we eat.


The good news is your body is built to eliminate toxins and waste. And it works hard at it on your behalf every single day. So give it a little help. A round of applause. A pat on the back. A leg up. A turbo boost. Give it The Juice Cleanse.

The Juice Cleanse infuses your body with life-giving nutrients and helps you refresh, renew and rebalance your body. Your skin will glow. You'll sleep better. You'll improve your digestion and reduce inflammation. You'll feel better physically and mentally. That's the power of The Juice Cleanse. Who wouldn't want to feel like that?


  • SKIN

    The largest elimination organ.


    The main detox organ. It works around the clock doing over 500 different jobs.


    Carries nourishment and clears waste. Requires gravity and movement (exercise) to do its jobs.


    Filter metabolic and toxic waste out of the blood. Regulate pH of the body.


    Trap toxins in mucous lining.
    Either coughed up or breathed out.


    Absorbs nutrients and carries waste out of the body


Why Us?

We don't think cleansing and detoxifying should be a struggle. A challenge? Yes. Struggle. No. That's no way for you to treat you. Thoughts on you vs yourself?

Our juices are flavourful and delicious. They're designed using specific nutrients to make sure the whole process is as gentle as possible. To keep your energy level up, we include a nut milk in all of The Juice Cleanse cleanses. Plus each cleanse has a total of seven daily drinks instead of the six you more commonly find in cleanses.

We want you to feel good while you cleanse, not just afterward. The choice to do The Juice Cleanse is the beginning of a new way of thinking and feeling. And we think it should start on the first day with the first juice. That's why we give you the energy and nutrients to continue to live, work and play just like you always did, and feel better than you ever have.