Prior to the birth of The Juice Truck we did a lot of googling, youtubeing, twittering, field tripping, even a few visits to the library, all in search for the ultimate juicer. Our path took us past many squeezers, pressers, pulpers, pushers, and a few mystery as seen on TV products. We eventually discovered the wonders of the Norwalk Cold Press. Dr. Norman Walker was way ahead of his time. He was mad about raw foods and their health benefits. He invented the Norwalk Cold Press Juicer in the 1930’s. Eighty years later, it’s still the same basic design, and it’s still making the best, most nutrient rich juice on the market.

So what’s ‘Cold Pressed?’ Cold Pressed describes the method of juicing. Most juice bars use a conventional “centrifugal juicer,” which is basically a high-speed spinning blade that separates the juice from the pulp. This process creates a lot of friction, which in turn creates high heat, and oxidation. In essence, any juice extractor using a high-speed blade creates friction heat and destroys vital nutrients and living enzymes.

So ‘Cold Pressed?’ The Norwalk Juicer has two separate juice extraction machines built into it: the pulveriser (this is best said in an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent); and the hydraulic press. A slow spinning blade (‘the pulveriser’) creates a pulp out of the produce, which is then wrapped in a cotton or linen cloth and placed on a tray in preparation for the hydraulic press. The juice is extracted through the tremendous pressure exerted by this Hydraulic Press. Maximal amounts of natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, live enzymes, and other vital elements are preserved. All the while, minimal amounts of friction heat, or oxidation occur. The Cold Press makes for one vitamin packed, super juice (super powers may follow).