Tips to having an Awesome Juice Cleanse Experience

- Probiotics will help replenish the friendly bacteria in your stomach destroyed by the use of antibiotics, chronic overeating and the consumption of food laden with toxins.

- Make sure you’re still getting fibre. Eat small plant based meals throughout the day or add add some chia seeds into your juices. The chia will support the microflora in your stomach as well as strip toxins from your digestive tract. We like to drop the chia seeds in, and then leave the juice for 5-10 minutes. The chia turns into an almost chia jelly!



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10 Reasons to Go Plant-Based

Growing up, we all had connotations on what it meant to be Vegetarian. Smells of Patchouli and Frankincense come to mind. Reggae music blasting. Tofu everything.

Jump forward to modern day. Vegetarian eating has come a long way. Most restaurants embrace plant-based options and the community has grown at large. 

As our world continues to change, the need to eat more plant based has become more significant. Our food choices greatly impact our bodies and our environment. 
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A Guide to Working Out During a Juice Cleanse


January is a transitional month. It’s rainy, it’s cold and the days are depressingly short. This 4pm darkness, near-freezing temperatures, and torrential rain are like nature’s way of telling us to slow down and take some much-needed time for ourselves.
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