The Best of the Best with Sarah Stewart from ARC Apparel

When the movie, “The True Cost” by Andrew Morgan came out, we realized we weren’t applying the same ethos to our fashion choices that we were applying to our food choices. When you walk into a wholefoods, you have options; local, organic, fair trade, gmo free. Our shopping experiences weren’t reflecting these same choices and values. This is all starting to change thanks to people like Sarah Stewart from ARC Apparel. She is changing this conversation. ARC is an online shopping platform that curates brands that are positively impacting and shifting the apparel industry; brands that are creating consciously with sustainable models, ethical manufacturing and that are giving back to individuals and communities. Sarah is a compassionate trailblazer, a yogi, a connoisseur of rom-coms and she’s changing the game for fashion and apparel. This is the ‘best of’ with Sarah Stewart. 

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Health Trends for 2017

health trends 2017
Out with the old, in with the new. And this year the new is influenced by the old. More and more health trends are inspired by ancient traditions, whether it be from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine or South American plant medicine. Ancient traditions in food, movement, and meditation are all returning to the forefront of health and wellness and we’re going to see even more of that this year.

In this blog post, we predict the top 15 trends that will be all the buzz in the health world for this year!
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