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The Beets: Juice Truck Summer Playlist by Rob Station (aka DJ El Rizzy)

Rob Station or DJ El Rizzy as many know him is one of the best, most genuine people in Vancouver. Rob is a man of many talents: DJ, Amateur boxer, Professional Computer/ tech guy, Cycling Hill Specialist and overall creative genius. He's a community man that makes Vancouver a better place, bringing out the best in all the small business’, groups, and clubs that he’s a part of. 

Rob keeps us in the know with what the cool kids are listening to and is the DJ to our Juice Trucking ways. 

With no more further adieu - Rob Station’s Juice Truck Summer Playlist - We’ve got this one playing on repeat at our storefront at 28 W 5th Ave.

CLICK HERE to drop these ‘beets’ and stay tuned for future Juice Truck playlists.