Vegan Supplements & Superfoods: Moringa

THE TREE OF LIFE: One of our favourite superfoods and forever revered in Ayurvedic medicine, the moringa oleifera tree is nature’s one stop multivitamin. Almost all of the tree can be used for its nutrient dense medicinal and culinary purposes, with edible flowers, leaves and seed pods.  

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Vegan Supplements & Superfoods: Pine Pollen

Like clockwork; every spring a dust of Pine Pollen settles, covering everything nearby with a light golden coat. When we first leaned about the benefits of Pine Pollen, we asked, “Pine Pollen? The same stuff from Pine Trees that covers everything in the Spring.” Yes. That’s the stuff. New to us, as we uncovered that layer of golden spring dust, we learnt, like most natural remedies, Pine Pollen has a very long history. 

Pine pollen has been a go-to in Chinese and Korean medicine for more than 2,000 years. It's been utilized for its adapotgenic properties as well as its ability to boost peak physical performance and balance mental health. It is revered for it ability to restore and boost vitality, while increasing energy and immunity  – checking all the boxes for what we're looking for in a superfood. 

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