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Plant Based Meals to your Door: Our Go-to Vegan Meals on DoorDash

Over the last few years in Vancouver, it's become a whole lot easier to get meals from your favourite restaurants, thanks to all the food delivery services popping up; from corporate and office deliveries with Foodee to home delivery with DoorDash. Whether you’re too busy to leave your desk at work, running around with kids at home or just want a meal delivered so you can watch Netflix and chill, these services have got you covered. It’s dangerously convenient.

We offer our cold pressed juice and plant based lunch options from The Juice Truck on DoorDash and Foodee but we’re also frequent users on an individual basis. Too make it easy for you, we’ve highlighted our favourite healthy options available on DoorDash.

The Top 10 Plant Based Options on DoorDash:

The Juice Truck:

Guilty of being biased, but we want to highlight that all of our cold pressed juice options as well as our plant based lunches and snacks are all available for home or office delivery. Keep things healthy and get your green juice and kale caesar delivered right to your home or work.

Virtuous Pie:

This pizza is next level. There’s no reason for meat or dairy on your pizza once you’ve tried the addictively good offerings that these guys dish out. The Stranger Wings with spicy buffalo cauliflower, crisp fried shallots, scallions and a vegan blue cheese drizzle is our favourite.

Field and Social:

You can definitely win friends with salads when they’re from Field and Social. They make some of the best gourmet salads you’ll find in Vancouver. Carefully crafted, using fresh, local ingredients with local produce and a regular rotation of menu items with seasonal inspiration. They even use Blue Heron’s Vegan Cheese on their Market Bowl.

Indigo Age Cafe and Kombucha Bar:

Some of the cleanest cuisine in the city. Fresh, health forward ingredients. Indigo Age Cafe has everything from juice and smoothies to vegan Ukrainian dishes like borscht, cabbage rolls and perogies… and the perogies are amazing! They also have nutrition packed lattes and lots of raw food options.


If you’re looking for some healthy comforts, Freshii has got you covered. Salads, wraps, bowls and burritos. Smoothies, juices and soups. Freshii has a very well rounded menu for whatever your mood might be.

East is East:

We can never get enough of East is East! We love the ambiance of their restaurants, but if you can’t make it to one of their locations, getting delivery won’t leave you disappointed. Their Eggplant Bowl might be our favourite dish available on Door Dash.

Shanti’s Curries:

We love everything about Shanti’s Curries. The team is amazing and so is the homestyle Indian food. Their vegan samosas and pakoras are drool worthy and the dhal curry and korma are both so rich in flavour….just delicious all around. You can’t go wrong with any of the vegan options on their menu.

Pacific Poke / West Coast Poke:

Poke is blowing up in Vancouver and these two restaurants are leading the way. Pacific Poke has some amazing vegan options. Their wasabi spicing has the perfect kick and the seaweed salad is the perfect addition to any of their vegan options. Make sure you get their Coco Panda to drink. It’s one of the best coconut drinks we’ve had (and we’ve had a lot of coconut drinks). For West Coast Poke, we love the build your own bowl option. Their ingredients are fresh and full of flavour and the value for all that you can add is incredible.

Calabash Bistro:  

Caribbean cuisine at its finest! They have a Vegan Meal for 4 if you’re dining family style. Their curries and plantains are layered with rich, delicious flavours that all balance together perfectly. Don’t be shy on your coconut dumplings either… there’s a good chance you’ll want more than one.


Who doesn’t like a good hummus? And their hummus is more than good. Their hummus flavours are rotating. We usually go with the Hummus Trio just to be safe. The falafel has that perfect crunch to softness ratio and if you’re looking for something on the lighter side, the Cabbage Salad is one of our favourite salads out there.