The Journal

Juiciest Jams - The Best Songs of 2017


By Erika Preece

Well, there’s no arguing that 2017 was quite the year. Instead of reflecting on the news stories, biggest events or even tastiest smoothies, we decided to bring you a playlist full of juicy jams from this past year- tune in and enjoy!

  1. Black Fur - Elder Island

This band has quickly become a staff favourite to play in store since we are always looking for new indie-pop tunes to juice to. Check ‘em out!

  1. Fantastic Man - William Onyeabor

Our truck manager, Devon, loves this song. We often dance to this disco record in order to heat up while working on the truck (basically a giant refrigerator) during the winter!

  1. Strange or Be Forgotten - Temples

This Brit band played a show at the Fox Cabaret this past summer and the lead singer came in to the West 5th store that day for a juice. Full disclosure: he ordered a custom carrot/apple/turmeric blend, which clearly fuelled his performance!

  1. Chronic Sunshine - Cosmo Pyke

The song first caught my eye because the title literally opposes Vancouver weather. Watch out for this up-and-coming artist and his jazzy melodies!

  1. Young Hearts - Ponytails

This tune is from a local Vancouver band that plays an insanely fun live show.

  1. Incredible - Future

I remember jamming to this while closing during my first training shifts at the JT. It’s not family-friendly enough to play during the day; but if you stop by past closing time, it’s likely you’ll catch our staff grooving hard while cleaning floors.

  1. Girl Like You - Toro Y Moi

Another indie pop jam that is continuously on rotation.

  1. Love Forever - The Babe Rainbow

We like any songs that remind us of happy rainbows and beachy vibes, so this Australian band and they’re 60’s sound definitely makes the list.

  1. Not My Baby - Alvvays

This toe-tapper is by an indie band from Toronto- our neighbours to the East who also have their juice market on lock (checkout Greenhouse Juice Co. if you’re ever over there)!

  1. One Dance - Broods

Our Juice Truck soccer team won the league this fall, and no athlete is without their pre-game tunes. This cover of the Drake classic definitely helped some of our better games.